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The beautiful province of Kratie, in the eastern part of the country, spans the Mekong river offering wild land and rare animal species like the freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins, which live in ever-diminishing numbers.

The region has without a doubt one of the most beautiful sunsets in Cambodia, that can be admired from the expansive riverbanks of the Mekong. You will have the chance to see impressive pagodas.

Kratie is also a practical travel hub where you can have a pleasant break on your journey to Phnom Penh, Vietnam or Laos.


CRDTours aims to provide unforgettable learning experiences whilst promoting local well-being and support through rural development initiatives.


CRDTours offers high quality services to local and international markets, whilst supporting community development and conservation efforts through stakeholders collaboration.


CRDTours provides the community with sustainable income, well-being and basic amenities through the active participation of visitors and eco-development projects.

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