East West International School (EWIS) trip in January 2017

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The incredible educational trip to Kratie area has produced many positive and unforgettable experiences. I have travelled as a trip leader with 15 students from East West International School (EWIS). They mostly grew up in Phnom Penh and are around 10 – 12 years old. During the tour, they stayed 3 nights in a hotel called Mekong River Dolphin Hotel where you have a great view on the Mekong River. After the arrival of the group, learning sessions have been conducted to bring the knowledge of community development and environmental conservation. Indeed, the two NGOs Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) and Word Wildlife Fund (WWF) were invited to deliver presentation to the students. In this first day, lunch and dinner took place at Le Tonle Training Center! Having meals at Le Tonle is truly awesome because the food is so nice as well as I am very proud to support Le Tonle’s vision to provide hospitality skills to Cambodian vulnerable youth.

The second day, we reached the North of Kratie Town by bus. First of all, we enjoyed learning local way of life and the living activities related to the source of the locals’ income at Bamboo sticky rice (Kro Lan in khmer) village named Thma Krae village. We also try such a nice bamboo sticky rice which is $2/kg. Second of all, students and I were excited to take the boat around the Irrawaddy dolphin home on the Mekong River. Most of the time, the engine was turned off to avoid the psychological effects to dolphin. Interestingly, we were so happy to hear the dolphin’s sound when they breathe. Last but not least, we arrived at Sambor District to visit 100 Pillar Pagoda and Mekong Turtle Conservation Center. I was so glad to see the students paying strongly attention to listen the history of this pagoda. In late afternoon, we came back in town for another night in the hotel.

The following day, after breakfast, we travelled to Koh Phdao community by boat along the Mekong River. In the village, students and I are really enjoyed the cycling tour, it was so funny! Also, you can appreciate the peacefulness of the rural area while the traffic is not busy. At the end of this amazing day, we were finally back in town.

After the roster alerted us in early morning, the breakfast was served in the hotel while the students were packaging their luggage for leaving to Phnom Penh. Finally, the students had their eyes wide open with worries when the bus was almost arrived at their school in Phnom Penh because they did not want the tour ends up… Thus, this trip was truly worthwhile to generate a memorable fun, knowledge and friendship!

Meng, CRDTours Operations Manager

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