Le Tonle is a skill development program of Crdt Tours


Le Tonle is a Tourism Vocational Training Centre (TTC) in Kratie province offering local youths the professional training they need to enable them to increase their employment opportunities. Since October 2012, CRDT took over the running of Le Tonlé from the Swiss association Tourism for Help which founded the Training Centre in 2007.

Also a guesthouse and restaurant, students can put theoretical learning into practice by ensuring that patron’s needs are cared for. After finishing their studies, the students are supported to find work by contacting schools or institutions to continue their studies, guiding them in the creation of their business, and by contacting potential employers and trainers.

In 2007-2016, the Le Tonlé provided support to 146 vulnerable youths in the region. 95% of the graduates have found employment in companies, NGOs, restaurants and hotels in Stung Treng or in other provinces. Each student is expected to successfully complete a one-year training program, covering both practical work-related topics (customer relations, hospitality, history, geography, ecology, catering, cooking, rooming, gardening and tourism) and more basic educational topics (English, Computer literacy and Accounting). They are expected to attend classes for 40 hours per week.

The present tourism training center focuses on providing free vocational training for vulnerable youths. The target group includes those who are:

  • Between 17-23 years old
  • Who left school at grade 9
  • From extremely poor families (earning less than $1 /day)
  • From large families (of at least 3 children)
  • Living in rural areas

TTC operates normally with 5 full time staff members (1 project coordinator, 1 assistant, 2 house keepers and 1 cook), plus 1 part-time night guard and 4 part-time teachers. There is also a Governing Board made up of a project leader based in Switzerland and in France.


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