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This is an opportunity to travel by boat through the beautiful “Central Section” of the Mekong River; offering an opportunity to explore the twisting, intertwining channels, with its numerous uninhabited islands, its undulating sandbanks, rapids and flooded forests. You will arrive on Day 1 at the biggest island in the Mekong River (45km in length) where you will be greeted by the friendly community and will spend a night here. This is a unique opportunity to learn about local village life, beliefs and culture. The final destination on Day 2 is the charming town of Kratie, where we will be able to visit some of the famous locations along the way, including the famous 100 pillars pagoda, the turtle conservation center and Thma Krae village.


At 8:00AM, you will meet your local English-speaking guide at the appointed place at your hotel in Stung Treng. You willl take a tuk tuk from town to Koh Preah community through the way along Mekong River. On the island of Koh Preah, your guide will make youa village tour and you will interview with local people to learn their way of live and culture. Your first overnight will be taken place in the beautiful homestay at Koh Preah community. Meal is provided in the homestay.

Next morning, you will have an exciting adventure taking a local wooden boat along the Mekong River, passing by the local communities in neighbouring islands, and journeying through rapids and flooded forests. Moreover, this part of the Mekong River is home to a number of rare and endangered fish and birds. After 4 hours on the boat, you will reach the village of Koh Phdao. Koh Phdao is one of four villages located in the biggest island in the Mekong River. This island is called Koh Rongeav and is 45km in length and 1-4km in width. The community in the village of Koh Phdao was first established in 2008 as an ecotourism site and has been providing unique homestay opportunities for intrepid travelers for five years. It was established with the purpose to provide an alternative livelihood to poor families in order to protect the endangered Irrawaddy river dolphin. You will receive a welcoming and friendly hospitality from your home stay family. Moreover, in the afternoon you will be guided on a bicycle tour of the community and visit several families to learn about alternative livelihoods and income generation through the activities of the local NGO CRDT (Cambodian Rural Development Team). You will also be able to visit the local school and Buddhist pagoda. In the late afternoon, you will be brought by a local fishing boat trying to see the dolphin and swim in the Mekong River (swimming is only available during the dry season).

After dinner, you will be given the opportunity to see a group of local youth in a traditional folk dance. This will include the use of traditional musical instruments, costumes and dance. Following the show, you will be able to retire to your family homestay for the night.

The next morning after breakfast (and your local alarm from the family rooster), there will be a local wooden boat waiting for you on the riverbank to take the group and your guide to the next destination. After the 50 minutes boat ride back to the mainland, you will be able to visit Wat Sarsar Mouy Roy (the 100 pillar pagoda) and learn more about its important history during the Khmer Rouge whilst exploring the wonderful depictions of the stories of the Buddha. There is also a turtle conservation center located inside the pagoda.

After the group has finished at the pagoda, the hired minivan will take the group towards Kratie Town, following the Mekong River downstream, pausing to stop at various destinations along the way, including Phnom Sambok (a beautiful mountain pagoda), and to stop in Thma Krae village to buy Krolan, the famous sticky rice in bamboo, which is made in this village (and renowned to be the best place to buy Krolan in Cambodia).

The tour will then end upon arrival in Kratie Town.


Koh Preah, Stung Treng Province and Kratie Province.


TOUR LENGTH : 2 and a half days

START TIME : 8:00am from Stung Treng Town

END TIME : 10:00am at Kratie Town on Day 3


  • A single journey by tuk tuk along the Mekong River from Stung Treng Town to Koh Preah
  • A single journey in a shared wooden boat from Koh Preah to Koh Phdao (4hours)
  • A single boat journey from Koh Phdao to the mainland in Sambou district town to visit the 100 pillars pagoda and the turtle conservation center.
  • Bicycle rental in the village of Koh Phdao and community guide to lead the way.
  • A boat trip to see the dolphin for 1 hour.
  • Shared minivan from Sambou district town to Kratie town; stopping along the way to visit places in of interest
  • Two nights at home stay at Koh Phdao and Koh Preah CBET.
  • 2 lunches (local food) + drink ( a soft drink only).
  • 2 dinners (local food) + drink ( a soft drink only).
  • 2 breakfasts (local food) + drink (a soft drink only).
  • Traditional folk dance in Koh Phdao (one show is approximately 2 hours)
  • Local English guide who will meet you at Stung Treng Town and take you on the tour until reaching Kratie Town on Day 3.


  1. Camera
  2. A hat
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sun cream
  5. Toothpaste and brush
  6. Head torch
  7. Insect repellent
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