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A boat trip down the Mekong River from the Laos border to Stung Treng Town is an unforgettable travel experience. First the tour will bring you to Preah Romkel village, one of the communities located close to the border of Laos. This beautiful village boasts an impressive water fall, numerous opportunities for outdoor activities including kayaking, and is also the home of the endangered Irrawaddy river dolphin.

After visiting this village, there will be a boat to travel downstream on the Mekong River, through the spectacular Ramsar flooded forests and this important conservation area, internationally renowned for its biodiversity and natural beauty. The flooded forest is a wide expanse of the river, in which large trees have rooted and now grow straight up directly out from the water. This unusual ecosystem is home to a wide range of birds, fish and mammals including many endangered and critically endangered species.

Last but not least, you will be brought on a bicycle to tour of the town of Stung Treng and will visit Mekong Blue, a local organization which teaches young women how to make and weave silk. Here you are able to see each stage of the silk making process; from seeing the silk worms and learning how many are required for one reel of silk, to watching the local women as they create each beautiful design.


At 10:30AM meet your local English-speaking guide at the appointed place (Trapang Gril / Dong Kralor border checkpoint between Cambodia and Laos, on the Cambodian side). There will be an introduction of the itinerary and of the schedules over the next two days.

You will then travel by shared minivan along the border towards the Mekong River. Once the group arrives at the river, you will be transferred onto a small wooden boat. This boat will take about 40 minutes to reach the Preah Romkel Community Based Eco-Tourism (CBET) group and homestay. Here you will meet the community and have lunch in a beautiful, traditional small wooden house which has a roof made of thatch. After lunch, the local community chief will accompany us along the local paths towards the homestay accommodation where you can rest and relax until the afternoon’s activity. At the afternoon, you will brought by your guide to visit a waterfall.

On the second day, do not be alarmed if you are woken early by the sound of the rooster or the pigs to start your day whilst staying in the heart of rural of Cambodia. After breakfast, you will board the local wooden boat (life jacket provided), which will take you along the internationally renowned stretch of the Mekong River, famous for its natural beauty and array of biodiversity; passing numerous remote islands, rapids, the flooded forest and the Ramsar protected area which is home to many endangered species of birds. The boat will depart from Preah Romkel community and arrive in Stung Treng Town. This boat trip takes around 3 hours. Along the way before arriving Stung Treng Town, you will kayak at Ramsar Wetland Area where homes of firsh and water-bird. After lunch, continuing boat trip is undertaken until reach Stung Treng Town.

In Stung Treng Town, your guide will accompany you to the guesthouse where you can have a chance to rest and settle in. After lunch you will be led by the local guide to visit Mekong Blue Silk Center by bicycle along the Mekong River, located 4kms from the guesthouse. Mekong Blue is a silk processing center and you will have the opportunity to see how silk is made; from the initial silkworms, through the dying process and finally to observe how the women weave and create the beautiful scarfs that are available at fair-trade shops throughout Cambodia. Mekong Blue is also a Women’s Development Center and here you will have the chance to learn more about their work in the local communities with the women who are able to train and work in the center, who would otherwise not be able to support their families.

In the afternoon in Stung Treng town, you will also be able to visit the district of Thalaborivat, which is a short ferry ride across the river. Here you can visit a small animist temple and see the statue of an ox carved by previous inhabitants in Thalaborivat. This is not a normal oxen statue, instead the local people call it a sacred cow, and this will be explained by your guide in more detail.

Finally, your group and the local English-speaking guide will come back to the town and have a chance to explore the town for yourself before going to the riverside to watch the beautiful sunset before going for dinner and then to bed.

In the morning your guide will depart and we hope that you will have had an incredible experience with CRDTours.


Boat and kayaking adventure from Laos border to Stung Treng Town.


TOUR LENGTH: 2 days (1 night accommodation at a homestay, 1 night accommodation at a guesthouse)

START TIME: 10:00am from Trapang Gril / Dong Kralor border checkpoint between Cambodia and Laos on the Cambodian side

END TIME: 8:00am at Stung Treng Town on Day 3


  • A single journey shared minivan from Laos border to Vien Kham (10km)
  • A single boat journey from Vien Kham to Preah Romkel CBET
  • Entrance fee to Preah Romkel CBET
  • Transportation to see water fall (it can be by boat / minivan / local truck).
  • A one hour boat trip to see the endangered Irrawaddy river dolphin
  • One night in the home stay at Preah Romkel CBET (Shared room)
  • A privat boat journey from Laos border to Stung Treng Town (60 km)
  • A visit to the Mekong Blue Women’s Center in Stung Treng Town to see the silk farm and silk weaving
  • Kayaking Trip
  • A return ferry from Stung Treng Town to Thalaborivath (2km)
  • One night in the guesthouse with a AC (single room).
  • Two lunches (local food) + drink (soft drink only)
  • Two dinners (local food) + drink (soft drink only)
  • One breakfast (local food) + drink (soft drink only)
  • Local English-speaking guide who will meet you at the border and guide you throughout the tour until departing in Stung Treng town at the end of the tour


  1. Camera
  2. A hat
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sun cream
  5. Toothpaste and brush
  6. Head torch
  7. Insect repellent
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