This tour will bring you to the village of one of our staff members: Sokhy. Sokhy’s village is a 2-hour drive from Kratie. The tour is a great way to experience authentic Khmer rural life, while gaining a deeper understanding of it through the explanations given by Sokhy. The personal touch of this tour sets it apart from our other tours.

The tour comes in two options. You can choose a day tour, or you can make it an overnight stay. Personally, we would recommend the overnight stay. This way you can immerse yourself more in the village life, and most importantly, you can witness the local Chayam dancing and sit by a campfire while Sokhy sings and plays his guitar. You are invited to join the dancing and the singing!

Chaya dance


The tour has two options: a day trip and an overnight stay.
The tour is flexible and can be customized to your personal preferences. What follows is a general itinerary.

Coconut Tree Sokhy Kratie Province

Option 1

The tour starts in the morning. We will meet at 8 am.
Sokhy will brief you on the tour. A tuk-tuk will be arranged to bring you to the village. Optionally, we can go by motorbike.

Going to the village, we will pass typically Khmer countryside and villages. Once arrived at Sokhy’s home, you can relax a bit from the ride and enjoy some fresh coconut juice. Meanwhile, Sokhy will tell you about his village and lunch will be prepared.

After we have enjoyed our lunch, you are invited to walk around the village. We will visit the village primary school and Sokhy will tell you about the school and the school system in Cambodia. Note: you can ask Sokhy how you can support his village, particularly the school.

After the visit to the school, we will continue walking around town and Sokhy can tell you about his childhood in his hometown. You will gain a deeper understanding of Khmer village life and the challenges people face in the countryside.

After the tour in the village we will be heading back to Kratie Town. On our way back, we will visit two pagodas. Sokhy will explain you about the role that pagodas play in the life of Khmer people.

We expect to be back in Kratie around 3 or 4 pm.

Option 2

You will stay one night in the village. The tour starts in the afternoon and you will be back in Kratie around 9 am next morning.

We will meet at 2 pm. Sokhy will brief you on the tour at the CRDT Tours office. After the briefing we will be going to the village by tuk-tuk or motorbike. In the village we will take a short rest from the trip. We will get some fresh coconuts and then sit down to talk about village life.

We will then walk around the place, while Sokhy provides the background information to what you see. We will visit the school, rice fields and the volleyball court. You can join a game of volleyball, help in harvesting rice or teach at the school, depending on what is happening at the time.

After the walk around town, you can refresh by taking a bath in the creek and swim a bit. After our bath we will go back to the home to have dinner. During the dinner we can talk about the family, the village, or anything you are interested about.

After dinner, we will go to attend the Chayam dancing. This local dance is upbeat and full of humour. You can join the dancing if you want. Sokhy will explain more about the dance during the tour. After the dance, we will arrange a campfire and guitar. We will sit underneath the stars and enjoy each other’s company.

When you’re starting to feel sleepy, we will go back to the home to sleep. Next morning, you can take a bath and we will be having breakfast. Shortly after breakfast, we will return to Kratie. On our way back, we will visit two pagodas.

Once back in Kratie Town, Sokhy will debrief the tour and the tour ends.

Chaya dance Kratie

Pricing Table

Day tour or night tour Price per person
Day $40
Night $100
Tour starts from at least 2 persons


Start of tour: Day tour: 8 am. Overnight stay: 2 pm.

End of tour:
Day tour: 3-4 pm. Overnight stay: 9 am next morning.

Sokhy’s village (Pro lai treak)

Tour Highlights:

  • The villagers and village life
  • Home-made food
  • Bathing in the creek
  • Chayam dancing
  • Guitar by the campfire
  • Visit to pagodas
  • Sokhy’s accommodating friendliness

What to bring along:

  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Set of clothes
  • Medical needs
  • Camera

Included in the tour: 

  • Local English speaking guide
  • Return tuk-tuk
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Drinking water (and coconut juice)
  • Chayam dancing (night tour)


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