With this tour you can observe life in, on and along the Mekong River. This tour is an alternative to our popular Dolphin Encounter tour. The focus of the tour is the Mekong river and life around it.

From Kratie town we will depart by boat (instead of going by tuk-tuk first) to see the iconic Irrawaddy Dolphin in its natural habitat. In addition to seeing the gentle dolphins, you can enjoy  swimming in the Mekong river. Included in the tour is a visit to Thmaw Krae, the production site of the locally famous krolan, sticky rice mixed with coconut; and we will visit a pagoda on the way too. The tour is ideal for couples, a group of friends and for families for having a relaxed day at the Mekong river while learning about the history and culture around it.


We will start the tour at the time of your convenience, either at 8:00 one person sitting and pointing at irrawaddy mekong dolphin and watching with binoculars in kratie crdt tours dolphin boat tour 2018in the morning or at 2:00 in the afternoon. Both times are excellent for your chances to see the dolphins. First, the guide will meet you and brief the tour. The meeting point is at our office, but we can pick you up from your hotel too. From either point we will bring you to the ferry dock. Here your private boat and boat driver will be waiting for you. When everyone is comfortably seated, we are ready to disembark to see the alluring Mekong-Irrawaddy dolphins.

one irrawaddy dolphin with front vins and upper back out of water side view dolphin boat tour itinerary crdtours

On our way, the guide will tell you about local life, the history and culture, and tell you more about the dolphins. Approximately half-way through, we will have a break at Thmaw Krae village to have a taste of the sticky rice delicacy produced here. Back in the boat, on our way to the dolphins, you can observe tree tops coming out of the water (in rainy season). They are almost completely inundated by the river; a surreal sight. Once we enter the dolphin pool, keep your eyes wide open as the dolphin family will soon appear in sight. Keep your ears open too, because they will make hissing breathing sounds. When you have seen enough of the dolphins, we can go for a swim. Near the dolphin pool are some great spots for a relaxing swim in the river when the weather allows it (dry season).

When it is time to go, we will go back into the boat and return to Kratie. We will bring you back to your guest house or our office and the tour ends here.

Pricing Table

Number of persons Price per person Total price
1 $79 $79
2 $45 $90
3 $36 $108
4 $30 $120
$27 $135
6 $25 $150


Tour Duration: 5-6 hours

Start time and place: 8 a.m. or 2 p.m. (CRDT Tours office or hotel)

End of tour:
1 a.m. or 6 a.m. (hotel or CRDT Tours office)

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