Dolphin Bicycle Kratie


Looking for a tour that will allow you to physically work out? A sporting challenge that will leave you full of memories? Let yourself be tempted by the Dolphin Adventure Trail Tour! This tour will take you along the Mekong River by bike for 35 km and you will discover the beauties of the province of Kratie. You will meet the Irrawaddy dolphins in their natural habitats of Kampi. You can also learn more about local way of life with a visit to Sambok Hill Pagoda, which is located on top of a hill, giving you an incredible view of the surrounding area. You will also visit Thma Krae village which produces the famous sticky rice that you can taste in bamboo. Both physical and rewarding, this tour is recommended to all lovers of bikes and exercise!

This tour is offered either with the option of a local guide to accompany you or with the solo option with a self-reading guide.

100% of our profit go back to community development.


At 8:00AM, meet at Le Tonle Training Restaurant and meet your English-speaking guide if you choose the guide option or receive your self-reading guide if you choose this option.

Next, everyone will pedal to Thma Krae village which is  famous for making sticky rice roasted in bamboo called Kralan in Khmer. Nhem, or fish paté, is also produced in the village. If you choose the local guide option, your guide will introduce you to how they are made and how this small business enterprise helps the local people.

After visiting Thma Krae village, your next destination before the dolphin pool will be the pagoda on top of Sambok Moutain. This age-old quiet pagoda is known as a great place for people who are seeking a peaceful environment for meditation.

Later on, you will arrive to Kampi Dolphin pool which is the biggest dolphin pool in the Mekong River where tourists can view dolphins all year long. The Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins is an endangered specie and there are many conservation NGOs working to conserve them. You will embark on a wooden boat, driven by an expert local fisherman who benefits from the dolphins conservation project. The boatman will guide the boat nearby the pool for about 1 hour for you to spot the dolphins and take pictures.

For the way back you will take the west bank of the Mekong River and follow the plantations and farms of this side of the Mekong. The Tour end at Le Tonlé Training Restaurant.


Tour Price: from 19$ per person to 87$ per person price changes according to number of people as well as guide or without guide preference. 

Tour Duration: 1 full day

Tour Starts: Everyday at 8:00am from from CRDT Tours Office at St.3, Kratie Town (in front of Le Tonle Training Guesthouse & Restaurant).

Tour Ends: at the end of the day at CRDT Tours Office at 5pm at St.3, Kratie Town (in front of Le Tonle Training Guesthouse & Restaurant).

Destination: Kampi Dolphin Pool at 16km north of Kratie Town.

What to bring along?

  • Camera if you have one.
  • A hat (it might be hot or if you really need one)
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Light and comfortable clothes for the hot and humid weather but must cover your shoulder and be at knee level.


  • A mountain bicycle for the whole trip
  • A ticket & boat for spotting the dolphin
  • A short visit to the sticky rice village and tasting sticky rice
  • A visit to Sombok hill (A pagoda on top of it)
  • Drinking water
  • A lunch box
  • A Local English Speaking Guide or if you choose the solo option: map & instruction and a self-reading guide.
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