This tour is an easy and effortless way to discover the wonders of Kratie province. You will meet the rare Irrawady dolphins, encounter friendly monks and have a taste of our delicious Krolan (specially prepared sticky rice), all the while you observe daily, rural Cambodian life. This tour is perfect for guests who do not have a lot of time in Kratie. With this tour, you can learn about Kratie, enjoy its way of life and see the dolphins without spending too much time.

This tour is available in two formats:

  • accompanied by a local English-speaking guide
  • free with map and self-reading guide

100% of our profit goes back to community development.


You start the tour off at the time agreed, either early morning or early afternoon at the CRDTours office for a briefing of the tour, and, depending on your choice, meet with your guide or start the tour with your self-reading guide.

You will then go by tuk-tuk to Kampi Dolphin Pool, 15 km north of Kratie Town, where you can see the Irrawaddy dolphins, an endangered species, in their natural habitat. Kampi is the largest dolphin pool in Cambodia and has the largest number of dolphins, between 15 and 20 individuals (there are between 80 and 100 Irrawaddy dolphins currently living in the Mekong waters). To observe them, you will take a boat driven by a local resident for about 45 minutes (your chance to see the dolphins is 95%).

On the way to the dolphins or on the way back (you can choose), you will stop for a visit to the peaceful pagoda at the top of Sambok Hill, as well as a 15-minute tour of the village of Thma Krae, which produces the famous sticky rice (Krolan), which is an integral part of its local economy and culture.

After this, the tuk-tuk driver will drive you back to the CRDTours office/Le Tonlé Guesthouse and drops you off there. To finish things off in good order, you can debrief the tour with our team.


Tour Price: $29 per person.

Tour Duration: This tour lasts 4 to 5 hours.

Tour Starts: The tour starts from either the morning at 8:00AM or the afternoon at 2:00PM from the CRDTours Office at Street 3, Kratie Town (in front of Le Tonlé Training Guesthouse & Restaurant).

Tour Ends: at the end of the morning or at the end of the afternoon at the CRDTours Office at Street 3, Kratie Town (in front of Le Tonlé Training Guesthouse & Restaurant).

Destination: Kampi Dolphin Pool

What to bring along?

  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Sun cream
  • Insect repellent
  • Light comfortable clothes for the hot and humid weather but must cover your shoulder and be at knee level.
  • Your personal medical needs (if you have)


  • A return tuk-tuk from Kratie Town to the dolphin pool at Kampi
  • A ticket & boat for spotting the dolphins
  • A short visit to the sticky rice village and tasting sticky rice
  • A visit to Sambok hill (and pagoda on top)
  • Drinking water
  • Local English Speaking Guide or Self-reading guide
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