Get Your Hand Dirty is a tour develop for those who are looking into travel as a group from at least 5 people and familiar with each other. It is a trip to provide a deeper learning experience into the lifestyle of rural Cambodian along the Mekong River and make you contribute the development of the poor family who is selected to be the beneficiary of this tour. You will stay  from 4 nights to 7 nights in the village. While you are in the village you will participated in local daily activities, work on the development project for the selected family and learn from every corners of local culture. You will involved in talking to villager chief, older people, school kids and teacher. Moreover, you will join them to go a fishing activity which is a major family activity in the region. You will work on the project which involved digging, nailing, cement mixing etc. At the end of the stay, you and your host family will celebrate the achievement all together through a village small party and of course you will be taught how to do local dance too.

100% of our profit go back to community development.

Full itinerary will be developed during the communication between you and CRDT Tours Team.


Tour Price: Due to this tour program is focusing a larger group from at least 5 people and price changes based on number of people. Please contact us for the quotation.

Tour Condition: Private tour group for example a group of friends, families, uni / high school group, at least 5 people in the group. Basically, it requested by those who want to participate deeper into the community life style and do some project work with them.

Tour Duration: 4 to 7 days

Tour Starts: At a specific timeline and place request by the group

Tour Ends: On the last day at a specific timeline and place request by the group

Destination: The villages along the Mekong River such Koh Phdao, Koh Preah, Kho Tnoat, Koh Dambang ect.

What to bring along?

  • Camera
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Head torch
  • Insect repellent
  • Light comfortable clothes for the hot and humid weather but must cover your shoulder and be at knee level
  • Your personal medical needs


  • Transportation around trip (water & land)
  • Meal for the whole trip (3 meals a day) based on the detail itinerary
  • Accommodation for the whole trip (standard hotel while in the city and homestay when visiting the village).
  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Some snacks
  • An experienced English speaking tour leader for the whole trip
  • The project to work with local community (daily activities, building toilet, building home garden, building fishing boat etc).
  • Any cultural learning activities during the trip
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Visitors and Khmer locals at Koh Phdao farming rice