Buddhism has been part of the lives of Cambodian people for centuries. Buddhist monks are the most serious practitioners of Buddhism as they dedicate their lives to the teachings of the Buddha.

During this tour you are given the opportunity to meet and talk to Buddhist monks who live at Sambok Hill. The monks are glad to share with you the teachings of the Buddha, tell you about their life as a monk and, if you wish, teach you mediation techniques. Their outstanding mastery of the English language will make for an easy-flowing conversation. An overnight stay is included in the tour.

Phnom Sambok Hill Kratie Buddhist monk talking smiling trees nature


This tour is flexible and can be customized to your personal preferences. What follows is a general itinerary.

Kratie to Sambok Hill
Monk Tour photo main text

The tour starts at 2PM at the CRDT Tours office (Street 3, Kratie). Your personal guide will brief you on the tour.
After the brief we will be heading by tuk-tuk to Sambok Hill. The pagoda and houses of the monks are located here, as well as a small commune of nuns. It is about 11-km distance from Kratie. Along the way there is a small village called Thma Krae village. People here produce krolan (sticky rice with coconut and sitting beans), which is cooked inside long bamboo shoots. We will have a short break here, visit the village and taste this typical local food.

Sambok Hill
Once we have arrived at the hill, we will climb up the stairs and meet the head monk
who can tell you many interesting stories and share hisMonk as tour guide wisdom with you. You are invited to ask any question that comes to mind.
After this enlightening conversation, we will have a guided walk around the compound and we will also show you the area where the nuns are residing. You can ask questions about everything you see, enjoy the view and of course take pictures. After our walk, you can practice mediation, or we can go down to explore the nearest village.
Around sunset we will have dinner, prepared by the nuns.
In the evening you can learn some more from the monks, meditate, walk around or simply relax. As for sleeping, you can choose to sleep inside a room or in a tent.
Next morning we will have breakfast with the nuns. Then, after breakfast, you can enjoy a tea talk with the head monk and go around the place one more time.

Back to Kratie
Around 9 ‘o clock we will head back to the CRDT Tours office and finish things off in good order by debriefing the tour.

Pricing Table

Number of persons Price per person Total price
1 $52 $52
2 $35 $70
3 $29 $87
4 $33 $132
$29 $145
6 $27 $162
7 $26 $182


Start of tour: 2 p.m.

End of tour:
10 a.m. next day

Buddhist pagoda complex on Sambok Hill

Tour Highlights:

  • Peaceful atmosphere of Sambok Hill and beautiful surroundings
  • Splendid views from the hilltop
  • Deep, lively, conversations with head monk
  • Gain wisdom and receive life advice from monk
  • Meditation (optional)
  • Sleep outside in nature
  • Watch how the macaque monkeys go about their daily lives

What to bring along?

  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Sun cream
  • Insect repellent
  • Light comfortable clothes (must cover your shoulders and knees)
  • Your personal medical needs (if you have)
  • Toiletries (soap, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste etc.)
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Extra pair of clothes (for next day)

Included in the tour: 

  • Local English speaking guide
  • Return tuk-tuk
  • Drinking water
  • Meals and accommodation
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