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Koh Preah is a village situated on a small island in the middle of the Mekong River and is 35km from Stung Treng Town. Koh Preah is an untouched tourist destination. It is rich in natural resources and is an enriching experience to understand Khmer culture and the Cambodia rural way of life; providing insights into local beliefs and cooking skills of the local people.

The trip to Koh Preah by bicycle is an unforgettable travel experience. You will cycle along the local gravel roads following the Mekong River, passing many local families and their rice fields.

The stretch of the Mekong to the South of Koh Preah is one of the most beautiful parts of the Mekong River, especially when travelling downstream through the twisting, intertwining channels, painted with small uninhabited islands, undulating sandbanks, rapids and flooded forests.


At 8:00AM meet your English-speaking local guide at the appointed location.  The English-speaking local guide will introduce himself and run through the tour schedule for the day. This will be followed by some basic information about the beautiful North-eastern town of Stung Treng.

The group will depart with the local English-speaking guide on mountain bikes, following the Mekong River to where the boat will depart for the island of Koh Preah. Following the river provides the perfect opportunity to see local villages and pass by the small wooden houses of those who live along the river. At times there will be long open roads with rice fields, or the tall coconut palms which may shade the way. This experience will give a wonderful insight into rural Cambodia, covering a variety of terrains (one particular gravel road maybe difficult for extremely inexperienced riders) whilst riding from the town to the boat. Occasionally, you will also cross many wooden bridges, both large and small. This is the sign of a real adventure! And don’t worry, if you feel tired along the way, your experienced guide will have planned the necessary (and scenic) locations to stop and have a break.

After approximately a 2 and half hour ride, you will hear nothing but the noise of your bicycle on the gravel road, your own breath and occasionally the call of the birds. You will see no more local houses or rice fields but instead the forest around you. These are signs telling you that you are getting closer to Koh Preah and not long after, you will arrive at the ferry departure point, where an experienced boatman in his old wooden boat awaits the group.

The boat takes approximately 30 minutes to cross to the island of Koh Preah. The boat will arrive on the eastern side and your English-speaking guide will take you across to your homestay accommodation on the western side of the island, enabling you to explore the beauty of the island as you go. Arriving at the homestay you will be greeted by the community and be shown to a place to shower and rest after riding 35km to your destination!

While you are resting, your lunch will be prepared by a group of local chefs and after lunch it is time to recover your energy for the afternoon activities! As in the afternoon, a community leader will be invited to give an  orientation about the village, also encouraging the chance to ask questions that you may have about the island, for example about the village history and the changes experienced by villagers.

The group will then take a small fishing boat around the island, with the opportunity for swimming in the dry season and the chance to see the rare and endangered Irrawaddy river dolphin after an orientation given by the community.

Note: There are not many dolphins that are living nearby Koh Preah owing to a declining number in this area. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will see the endangered dolphins.

Next morning after breakfast, the group has two options for going back to Stung Treng Town. The group can choose to go by boat with local people or cycle back to the town by a longer different way. The trip ends when we get back to the town.


Koh Preah Community, Siembok District, Stung Treng Province


TOUR LENGTH: 1 night and 1 day and a half days

START TIME: 8:00am from Stung Treng Town

END TIME:11:30am at Stung Treng Town on Day 2


  • Mountain bike rental for 2 days
  • A return boat crossing from the mainland to Koh Preah
  • A local lunch, dinner and breakfast at the Koh Preah Community Based Ecotourism (CBET) group. Each meal also includes a drink (soft drink only).
  • A night in a community home stay on the island of Koh Preah (Shared room).
  • Drinking water (4 liters per person during the bike ride).
  • Local English-speaking guide who will meet you in Stung Treng town and depart from the group on the second day upon arrival back in Stung Treng town
  • Community guide at Koh Preah to explain more about the CBET group and lead a tour around the island
  • Meeting with village elder to learn more about the history of Koh Preah.
  • A boat trip to visit the areas in Koh Preah, and in the dry season the group can go swimming whilst taking the boat trip


  1. Camera
  2. A hat
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sun cream
  5. Toothpaste and brush
  6. Head torch
  7. Insect repellent
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