Students Shoulder to Shoulder – Katie Cunningham

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“In late July, I was part of a Students Shoulder to Shoulder trip that had the opportunity to work with one of CRDT’s programs on the island of Koh Preah. During the 6 days we spent building a fence around the island’s school, my life was impacted greatly. Everyone that I met was friendly and outgoing, especially our guide Tola. He made me feel comfortable, and taught us so many different things about such a beautiful country. I deeply enjoyed how the program incorporated cultural exposure and service work. This combination directly reflects the mission of Students Shoulder to Shoulder, which is to “inspire high school students to engage in…full immersion service programs.

I also found that CRDT’s work incorporates all the values that I think are important, and hope to follow in my future. I am passionate about environmental conservation and purposeful volunteer work, both of which CRDT accomplishes in effective, meaningful ways. In my future, I hope to accomplish the things that you are accomplishing. You have inspired me to pursue volunteerism and conservation, and showed me that my dreams are attainable with hard work. I believe that my life was permanently altered for the better by my experience with CRDT. Thank you for everything that you do, and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with CRDT.”

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