Simson Students Visit Koh Phdao

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A group of visitor from Simson University (USA) has recently spent their valuable time assisting in building the new Koh Phdao community tourism centre!

Led by CRDT’s charismatic tour officer – Mr. Lin Ravy, the Simson students gained a unique travel experience visiting many schools and meeting locals along the way. During their stay the students had a picnic on the small island nearby Koh Phdao village, visited the unique Mekong dolphin discovery cove to witness river dolphins engaging in their natural habitat, watched a performance by a group of local performers and assisted in building a small garden for the local community.

Thank you for the students who assisted in the CRDT’s Koh Phdao rural development project! Your help benefited the community and we hope you gained a unique experience in the process! If your university is interested in assisting in one of our many conservation projects, we can tailor tours to suit your needs! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The CRDT Team!

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