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“The villagers in Koh Preah provided us with kindness and genuine hospitality, as they shared with us experiences in their everyday life. On our first morning, we hiked an hour across the island, where we were each given a sickle and some demonstrative guidance on how to harvest rice. We watched at first, noting their rhythm and appreciating the fluidity of the movement, and then tried our hands at the task. Our work was often corrected and they had a laugh at how slow and methodical we had to be to accomplish what they were so deft at.”

On Koh Pdao they had a different experience again:

“Another idyllic locale working with the Cambodian Rural Development Team, Koh Pdao was yet more opportunity for us to engage with rural lifestyles. The day we arrived, a recon bike ride ended at an unexpected iced coffee oasis, and the evening included a lesson in traditional Khmer dancing and the opportunity to watch their community theatre’s rehearsal. We had to both pay attention to the performance and help the youngest kids catch crickets, which we had discovered were delicious stuffed with peanuts! We spent the whole following day making traditional foods.”

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