“Student Shoulder to Shoulder” visit the island village of Koh Preah

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Last month, CRDTours organized a trip for the american association „Students Shoulder to Shoulder“ (SStS), which aims to inspire high school students to engage in responsible global citizenship.

The first day, the students explored the city of Kratie and learned more about the work and mission of CRDT. After that, the group traveled to the island village of Koh Preah, where they spent over a week with the villagers in their traditional homes. In Koh Preah, the group had the chance to experience firsthand how CRDT supports local communities, helping them to improve their living standards with a particular attention on sustainable environmental practices.

The students spent a great part of their time in Koh Preah helping in a project centered on constructing a community eco-tourism center. Additionally, they could experience the daily routines of this rural village. At night, the students listened to stories told by village elders and participated in cultural presentations and ceremonies. In order to get a feel for the adjacent countryside, the group traveled by boat to swim in the storied Mekong River and catch a glimpse of endangered fresh water dolphins. After the end of the project, the group took the scenic route down the Mekong to Kratie. From there, they traveled to Siem Reap to spend a few days reflecting on what they have learned about global citizenship and touring Angkor Wat.

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