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A group from The Oaktree Foundation hit Koh Pdao hot on the tail of their fellow Antipodeans from La Trobe University, arriving just a day after they left. Five nights on Koh Pdao grafting with the community on the fishpond, the flood guarding for the community centre and a fence out front was twinned with development education and mind expanding chat courtesy of PEPY Tours.

Between hacking furiously at the top soil, transporting it to the community centre and ‘smooshing’ it flat, the group also found time to indulge in… (deep breath): local handicrafts (then showing them off for the camera), swimming among Mekong islands, bamboo fence building, vast quantities of coconuts, playing with the local kids, fetching some serious air while attempting to best the experts in jumping a raised chain of rubber bands, a bike tour of the island, tasty nosh prepared right under their nostrils, volleyball matches, fresh fruit and fresh air, and even witnessing a ceremony invoking the mighty forest spirit of ‘Gong Cha’. Phew.

A day spent away from the island on the mainland saw our crew supporting a CRDT waste management initiative in Sambo town. They helped to collect rubbish around Sambo with the local school and later joined in with the environmental night show featuring a cast made up of the art group from Koh Pdao island, and our very own Australian acorns…


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  • Kelly Franklin

    Great collaborative work by CRDT, PEPE, and Oaktree foundation! Promoting sustainable eco-tourism to improve the lives of Koh Pdao Mekong Islanders.

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